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Viscot 1450XL-1000 - Surgical Skin Marker, Fine / Regular Tip, NonSterile, Purple - Box of 100

The Mini XL skin marking ink lasts 10 times longer than traditional skin markers even after pre-operative scrubbing with common alcohol-based antiseptics such as Chloraprep or Duraprep. The new Mini XL, features patent-pending ink that remains visible after scrubbing with prep solutions, allowing clinicians to better see the surgical site as recommended by the Joint Commission Protocol for Correct Site Marking. Additionally, it will virtually eliminate the need for remarking of the patient once they’re in the operating room for plastic surgery procedures. This Mini XL will help surgeons and other clinicians potentially prevent wrong site surgery by resisting common alcohol based prep solutions that are being used in the operating room. The Mini XL is a new tool for clinicians that will help improve surgical outcomes, reduce the potential for wrong site surgical errors and will help save lives.