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AccuTec DermaBlade 72-0001 - Shave Biopsy Blade, 3 Facet Edge Type, Coated Stainless Steel, Sterile, Disposable, Individually Wrapped - 0.10 mm Thick, Box of 50

Designed for Shave Biopsy. Robbins Instruments is known for providing various types of instruments used in the medical industry. One such high-quality instrument is a shave biopsy blade by AccuTEC-Personna. This instrument is widely used in dermatological surgeries and procedures. DermaBlades’s flexible design can be used to remove surface protuberances, as well as deep lesions, while reducing ragged skin edges. Special sure-grip side teeth facilitate a three-digit grip to provide stability, control and direction, prevent slipping, and make DermaBlade easier to pick up.

  • Surgical Instrument designed for shave biopsy.
  • Flexibility - Sure grip side teeth / Three digit grip
  • Micro Coated surgical blade, i.e., Personna Plus
  • Controlled excision (shave biopsy)
  • Safety - Sterile, individually packaged with clear back, disposable.