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3M Systagenix Adaptic 2018 - Oil Emulsion Impregnated Dressing, Knitted Cellulose Acetate, Petrolatum Emulsion, Sterile, White - 3" x 60", Box of 24, One Roll

Adaptic is a primary non-adhering wound dressing made of knitted cellulose acetate fabric. Adaptic #2018 is a roll measuring 3"x60" and is impregnated with a specially formulated petrolatum emulsion. This helps protect regenerating tissue and minimizes pain during dressing changes. Read more about the benefits of Adaptic Non-Adhering Wound Dressings under the Details tabs. Adaptic is knitted and can be cut to the size of the wound without unraveling or shredding. Sold here by the individual dressing.