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3M Systagenix Adaptic 2015 - Oil Emulsion Impregnated Dressing, Knitted Cellulose Acetate, Petrolatum Emulsion, Sterile, White, Rectangle - 3" x 8", Box of 24

NonAdhering Dressing Adaptic Gauze 3 X 8 Inch Sterile. Manufacturer Name: Systagenix Wound Management. Manufacturer Number: 2015. Brand: Adaptic. Application: NonAdhering Dressing. Color: White. Dimensions: 3 X 8 Inch. Material: Gauze. Shape: Rectangle. Sterility: Sterile. Sold by - Pack of 24. The cellulose acetate of this Systagenix Adaptic Sterile Non-Adherent Gauze Dressing includes petrolatum emulsion to help protect wounds by allowing the free flow of wound exudate emulsion. The non-adherent design prevents the dressing from sticking to wounds and also helps prevent the maceration of draining wounds, suture lines and abraded areas.

  • Cellulose acetate impregnated with specially formulated petrolatum emulsion permits free flow of wound exudate emulsion to help protect the woundPrevents dressing adherence and maceration of draining wounds, suture lines or abraded areas