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Smart Caregiver TL-2100B - Alarm System, Battery Powered - One Unit

To use, simply insert a 9 volt battery. Connect to your pad, floor mat or seatbelt, (sold separately). Place the pad, floor mat or seatbelt in the location you have chosen. When your patient sits on the pad, the alarm will beep twice to let you know it is activated. When they take their pressure off the pad, the alarm will sound. If you use with a floor mat, the alarm sounds when they step on the mat. If you use a seatbelt in a wheelchair, the alarm sounds when they release the seatbelt, giving you valuable time to get to their side.

  • The TL-2100B Economy Bed/Chair Alarm Monitor is an affordable tool for caregivers.
  • Use with Smart Caregiver bed or chair sensor pads, floor mats, or non-restraining seat belts, (sold separately).
  • Alarm monitor can alert you if your patient is getting out of their bed or chair, or if they place their feet on a floor mat (excellent for use by a bed or at a doorway).
  • Features a status light so you know everything is working correctly, adjustable volume, a low battery light, and an easy to press reset button. Can be used with a nursecall system, and comes with mounting/hanging hardware.
  • One year warranty.