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BEI Coverlet 00330 - Adhesive Dressing Strips, Fabric, Rectangle, Sterile, Tan - 1 1/2 " x 2", Box of 100

Coverlet bandages and packaging are now 100% latex-free, to safeguard you against latex reaction. Simple peel-open package makes it easy to apply while wearing gloves. Coverlet bandages have protective 360° adhesive coverage around the island wound pad seals off the wound from dirt and contamination. The adhesive mass provides firm and even adherence, preventing premature lifting of the dressing. Coverlet bandages remove easily which limits skin irritation and disruption of the healing process. The have good flexibility which conforms to body curves and movement to stay on longer. Coverlet bandages offers mild compression to the wound. These latex free patch bandages measure 1 1/2' x 2' and there are 100 in a box. Also available in other shapes and sizes