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BSN Cutimed Sorbact 7266205 - Antimicrobial Wound Contact Layer Dressing, Acetate Fabric, Sterile, Square, Green - 8" x 8", Pack of 10

Cutimed Sorbact is the first wound dressing that binds bacteria irreversibly without a chemically active agent. A Cutimed Sorbact dressing is coated with a fatty acid derivative (DACC) giving the dressing their highly hydrophobic properties. In the moist environment of an infected wound, bacteria are therefore attracted to the dressing and become bound to it. Hence removing the dressing also removes the 'captured' bacteria which cannot reproduce or multiply whilst attached to the DACC. For all unclean, colonised and infected exuding wounds.

  • No development of microbial resistance because hydrophobic interaction is vital for bacteria and fungi to exist
  • No risk of allergies against the fatty acid derivative DACC
  • No contraindications can be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding and on children
  • Each dressing is 8" x 8"
  • One (1) box of 10 dressings