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Global Health Products FiberCel GH13 - Oral Fiber Supplement, Unflavored, Powder, Can - 12 oz., One Can

FiberCel is a high-quality, instantly dissolving fiber powder supplement. It provides 5 grams of fiber in every serving to those who are unable to obtain enough from their normal diet. There are no preservatives, bleaching agents, dyes or flavors. FiberCel contains no potassium or phosphorous, making it renal friendly. Applications Hot beverages: coffee, tea, hot cocoa, etc. Cold beverages: juice, water, iced tea, etc. Snack foods: yogurt, oatmeal, pudding, etc.

  • Renal Friendly!!!! No potassium or phosphorous
  • ** 60 SERVINGS PER CAN **
  • NO ADDED: preservatives, bleaching agents, dyes or flavors
  • 5 grams of instantly dissolving fiber powder
  • No bloating or cramping