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HR Pharmaceuticals Surgilube Lubricating Jelly 281020536 - Carbomer Free, Sterile, Screw-Cap Metal Tube - 4.25 oz., Pack of 3

Surgilube Surgical Lubricant, Sterile, 4.25 oz. Screw-Cap Metal Tube

  • Lubricating jelly designed to ease discomfort when inserting catheters, endoscopes, and other surgical instruments
  • Safe and effective for lubricating body orifices, including during gynecological procedures
  • Bacteriostatic formula containing chlorohexidine
  • Nonstaining and water soluble for easy cleaning
  • A blend of natural water-soluble gums
  • Safe as vaginal lubricant
  • Size: 4.25 oz
  • Pack of 3