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Jobst Large Donner


Jobst Large Donner

$ 49.90

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Lymphedema and venous disorders affect millions of people in different ways, but JOBST is here to help. JOBST helps manage symptoms with gradient compression that reduces swelling, improves fluid flow and produces positive patient outcomes with more success than any other brand.

  • CONVENIENT - Putting on compression stocking can be difficult. This stocking donner makes it easier than ever for those with limited hand strength and dexterity. See how exceptionally convenient donning your compression stockings can be with this accessory.
  • EASY TO USE - Equipped with elongated handles, the simple wire frame allows you to put medical grade compression stockings on with less effort. Merely slip your foot and leg into the stocking and see how simple it is.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION - Manufactured to be lightweight and easy to carry. If you are on the go, this accessory is easily picked up and able to be taken with you wherever you need.
  • SAVE YOUR BACK - The JOBST Donner is designed to be used in a comfortable seated position. No more bending over and hurting your back. If you have difficulty reaching your feet, this timeless device can help.
  • LARGER VERSION - This JOBST accessory is made specifically for larger calves. It will also work with both open toe and closed toe compression stocking garments . No matter the type of stocking you need to put on, this accessory will be sure to help.

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