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Jobst Relief Stockings


Jobst Relief Stockings

$ 33.95

Product Description

  • Compression Stocking - A high quality unisex garment with the goal of encouraging fluid flow in your circulatory and lymphatic system. Start wearing these medical compression stockings a few hours each day and you will notice the difference in how your legs feel.
  • All Day Wear - These tight socks are made with soft spandex yarn and have a reinforced heel which makes them comfortable for all day wear. They also feature a wide, comfortable silicone top band that stays in place and makes it easy to put on. Enjoy these closed toe socks for years to come.
  • Washing Machine Safe - You may wash your compression hosiery by hand or in a washing machine. To protect the stockings, make sure to place them in a mesh laundry bag and only use warm water and a mild detergent.
  • Compression Class - 15-20. Use these compression socks to help treat heavy and tired legs. Make sure your legs feel great for all day comfort and mobility.

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