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Kleenex 91591 Skin Cleanser Refill, Fragrance & Dye Free, 1200mL (Case of 2)


Kleenex 91591 Skin Cleanser Refill, Fragrance & Dye Free, 1200mL (Case of 2)

$ 50.53

Size:PACK OF 2

Keeping your staff and guests healthy is a clear priority for any business owner, especially since up to 72% of employees report that they come to work when they're feeling under the weather. By providing Kleenex Green Certified Skin Cleanser in your washrooms, you're helping stop the spread of germs. This Kleenex Brand foaming soap is designed for anyone who cares about being environmentally conscious, since it's fragrance-free, dye-free and Green certified. Whether you're charged with maintaining washrooms or kitchens in offices or schools, commercial buildings, help give your guests just what they need to stay clean and healthy.

  • Kleenex Green Certified Skin Cleansing Soap (earth friendly hand soap) is both Green Seal and NFS certified
  • This effective skin cleanser is dye- and fragrance-free (unscented) and dermatologist tested; It's gentle so that even those with sensitive skin can use it without worry
  • This foaming Kleenex Brand soap is an important step in the washroom experience
  • Use Kleenex Green Certified Skin Cleanser with a compatible Kimberly-Clark Professional dispenser for convenient, consistent dispensing. It's easy to refill when you buy in bulk
  • This versatile hand soap is a great choice for schools, restaurants, commercial and high-traffic areas and anywhere guests care about being clean - and green

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