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CPAP CF-33916 - Blue & White Felt Filters, S8 Series - Pack of 12

Sunset Healthcare has been specializing in CPAP filtration for over 10 years. CPAP disposables are the backbone of our organization and we take pride in our product quality. Everything we sell is not only competitively priced, but preforms at or above the standard of the OEM’s that we sell against. The raw materials we use to create our filters are of the highest quality, and we can confidently say that they will match or beat any OEM or Exceleron filters on the market in terms of performance. We are an FDA registered organization and take our procedures extremely seriously when it comes to making sure the products we sell are of the highest quality. Made in USA - sold by Sleep Restfully, Inc.

  • 33916 High Efficient Filter by Sunset Medical sold by Sleep Restfully, Inc.
  • Filters sold by Sleep Restfully - Proven Efficiency Exceeding OEM, made in USA