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EcoLab Endure 50 6040575 - Soap, For Use with EcoLab Foam Dispenser, Liquid, Sweet Scent, Dispenser Refill Bottle - 750 ml., One Bottle

Ecolab Huntington Endure foam soap is a hospital-grade hand soap and hand cleaner that removes highly dangerous pathogens that threaten the lives of the: young, elderly & sick. Meet your moral & ethical duty to protect those who can't protect themselves. Foam skin cleaner designed to keep hands clean and sanitary. It is enriched with emollient and moisturizers to keep hands smooth. Gentle enough for repeat use. Ecolab 6040575 Endure 50 soap is a Huntington foam soap attacks and removes dangerous viruses, bacteria and spores that threaten the lives of the very young, elderly and sick. Do your duty . . . fulfill your moral and ethical responsibility to protect others. When safety and health matter . . . . 6 - 750ml Endure refill cartridges per case.
  • Professional Huntington Ecolab Endure foam soap . . . ethical duty to protect the sick
  • Attacks pathogens dangerous to young, elderly & sick. Meet your duty to protect others. Ultra gentle to skin. Non-drying.
  • Top choice: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers, Doctors Offices, etc.
  • Professional. Ecolab Endure soap. Ultra soft foaming antibacterial soap. 6 - 750ml Endure soap refill cartridges per case.
  • When health & safety of others (including yours) matters more . . . .