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Provon 5385-02 Foaming Handwash with Advanced Moisturizers, 1200  mL TFX Refill (Case of 2)


Provon 5385-02 Foaming Handwash with Advanced Moisturizers, 1200 mL TFX Refill (Case of 2)

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The PROVON 5385-02 is a two-pack of 1200-mL refill bottles of mild formula foaming handwash with advanced moisturizers, in a clear purple liquid with a cranberry fragrance. The sanitary-sealed refill bottle locks out germs.

The PROVON product line from GOJO is most suitable for use in long-term care facilities. The PROVON formula offers ease of use, packaging that supports a homelike environment for patients, and a comprehensive training program for staff. The PROVON skin care program provides a soothing experience for residents and heightened performance for caregivers. This line helps care facilities maintain an effective skin care regimen for bathing and shampooing, perineal care, and proper moisturization with a family of mild products. PROVON products are color-coded by category for ease of storage and selection, with ergonomic shapes and sizes for convenient one-handed use. Using PROVON helps maintain good hygiene, reduces odors and infections, helps prevent skin breakdown, and helps maintain good skin health.

GOJO Industries, Inc. manufactures hygiene products, including handwashing, hand sanitizing, and skin care formulas, for outside-the-home settings. GOJO owns and operates the GOJO, PURELL, PROVON, and MICRELL brands for restaurants, auto shops, long-term care facilities, and other industries. GOJO is the inventor of GOJO Original Formula waterless heavy-duty hand cleaner and PURELL instant hand sanitizer. GOJO headquarters are located in Akron, Ohio, with additional facilities in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

  • Mild formula has advanced skin moisturizers
  • Formulated for general-purpose use
  • Appealing clear purple liquid with a cranberry fragrance
  • Sanitary-sealed bottle locks out germs
  • Convenient 1200-mL refill bottles to fit appropriately sized GOJO dispensers

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