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3M Systagenix Rash Relief 62402 - Skin Protectant, 25% Zinc Oxide, 20% Dimethicone, Scented Liquid, Spray Bottle - 2 oz., One Bottle

Product Description

Spray on Relief
Touchless Care Zinc Oxide Protectant Spray delivers an improved solution over creams and ointments for the discomfort and sensitivity of moisture associated skin damage (MASD). This easy-to-use touch free spray eliminates the need to touch the irritated site and helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Sprays are a beneficial method for both adults and their caregivers to apply treatment with less site interference and more dignity.

Easy to Use
The one-step Touchless Care spray applicator is convenient and easy to use, making application quick, reducing waste and saving time for caregivers. Simply spray affected area 4-6-inches from skin. Apply a thin coat over affected area to form a translucent protective barrier on skin. Removes cleanly and painlessly with a simple wipe.

Discreet Application
Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) can cause burning, itching and inflammation of the skin and treatment can feel invasive and be embarrassing for both patient and caregivers. This non-invasive zinc oxide spray is a discreet way to apply treatment for adults and can be used whenever skin is weeping or irritated as a result of wearing adult diapers. Touch free zinc oxide spray soothes irritated skin, providing a therapeutic effect and forms a protective barrier to help maintain skin's moisture balance and speed healing.

Advanced Formula
The concentrated formula of this zinc oxide spray contains 25% Microfine Zinc Oxide to cover a greater surface area with smaller particles that fit into skin crevices to increase and optimize therapeutic activity. A silicone base that includes 25% Dimethicone provides a thin, breathable barrier that helps bond the zinc oxide to the skin, protect it from moisture, and lubricate the area to reduce further irritation from friction.

Convenient touch-free spray provides soothing relief from irritated skin

Manage the discomfort from skin rash, chafing and irritation with medicated zinc oxide. This touchless spray is easy for both adults and caregivers to apply and quickly soothes skin while forming a protective barrier that maintains moisture balance and quickens the healing process. The spray forms a translucent coating that enables skin inspection without product removal. Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) is a common problem for adults who require diapers and Touchless Care makes relief easier while maintaining the dignity of the patient. Touchless Care Zinc Oxide spray also helps to eliminate cross-contamination and the need to touch for a more comfortable experience for all.

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Touchless Spray for Enhanced Comfort 
Touchless zinc oxide spray provides a quicker, safer and more discreet way to treat adult diaper rash caused by incontinence. A simple spray 4-6 inches from the affected area releases soothing medicated zinc oxide to ease symptoms and provides a protective barrier to aid healing and maintain balance of the skin’s moisture. Spray delivery is less wasteful than cream applications and severely limits the chances of cross contamination common in traditional applications. Treating adult incontinence issues with a touch-free spray affords both adults and caregivers an easy and discreet method of application in treating a sensitive area.

Advanced Formula for Effective Treatment
Touchless Care Zinc Oxide Spray provides instant relief to weeping and denuded skin caused by adult incontinence. With an advanced, concentrated formula of 25% microfine zinc oxide, it coats a wide surface with small particles of medicated zinc oxide that settle in skin creases to increase therapeutic activity. This advanced formula also contains a silicone base with 20% dimethicone to create a thin, breathable barrier over the irritation helping bond the medication to the skin and preventing further irritation from friction. The spray can be removed quickly and painlessly with a simple wipe.

Non-Invasive Care
Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) can be a common problem for those who require diapers due to adult incontinence. Naturally this is a sensitive area to treat while maintaining a sense of dignity for both the patient and caregiver. Touchless spray enables delivery of effective treatment quickly and eliminates the need for touch to reduce embarrassment. This non-invasive medicated zinc oxide spray also reduces the chances of cross contamination commonly associated with creams and touch applications to help speed healing and reduce the number of applications.

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  • HOSPITAL GRADE TREATMENT NOW AVAILABLE AT HOME: Ideal for treatment to prevent diaper rash or irritation associated with incontinence.
  • CONVENIENT TOUCHLESS SPRAY: No mess, inconvenience, or painful application of creams as treatment is delivered in a single spray. Touchless spray application also reduces the potential for cross-contamination during patient care.
  • ADVANCED INGREDIENTS: Concentrated 25% Microfine Zinc Oxide allows the smaller particles to settle in skin crevices to soothe irritation. 20% Dimethicone creates a translucent breathable coating to help prevent irritation from moisture and friction.
  • BETTER ALTERNATIVE TO TUBE CREAMS: Spray application saves time, reduces mess and reduces the pain of application and removal vs. cream. More cost effective with up to 50 applications per bottle.